Children's Dentistry

A lifetime of good health starts in the early years of life. 

A lifetime of good health starts in the early years of life. We believe fostering healthy habits and developing great relationships and rapport with our young clientele, sets them up for a lifetime of good health and well-being.

Do your children love the dentist? Our caring, compassionate and patient clinicians work with your children to allow them to develop healthy relationships with their oral health care team and foster positive experiences in the dental setting, which will set them up for life-long good health.

As parents ourselves, we believe it is important to take a proactive and preventive approach to children’s dental care. Regular, routine examination and preventive care allows us to familiarise your child with the world of dentistry and actively prevent disease processes from becoming established. Early intervention is made possible with this approach, thus minimising the chance of your child experiencing negative feelings or anxiety in the dental setting. Some of the benefits of routine examination include:

  • Opportunity to learn about and optimise preventive home care
  • Familiarity and comfort in the dental setting
  • Prevention and early detection of disease
  • Freedom from pain, discomfort and infection
  • Establishment of healthy habits that can last a lifetime

To emphasise our commitment to ensuring the best health outcomes for all young people, Westbrook family dental offer gap-free dental examinations (including xrays if required), cleans and remineralisation therapy (Fluoride/calcium phosphate) for all children from birth to 17 years of age if they have dental cover with a private health fund.

Bulk Billing

We bulk bill services under Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS). Contact our office if you are unsure of your Child’s eligibility for this scheme.

If your child is neither in a private health fund or eligible for the CDBS we promise 50% off the standard cost of the above treatments.

For more information, contact us about our GAP-FREE KIDS policy.

Other Services

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Children's Dentistry

Patience, compassion and fun! Do your children love going to the dentist?

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