Root Canal Therapy

Remove painful infection from teeth and prevent tooth loss to allow you to retain your natural dentition.

Root Canal Therapy, also called Endodontic Treatment is a procedure that removes decay or painful infections from the nerve and blood supply (pulp) inside of a tooth.

The procedure generally involves:

  1. opening of the tooth to access the infection
  2. to removal of the inflamed or infected tissue and bacteria
  3. filling of the nerve canals and the tooth to prevent future infection

Endodontic treatment can help save teeth which have an inflamed or infected nerves as a result of decay or traumatic injury.


We ensure our clients are kept as comfortable as possible during the procedure, using local anesthesia or different methods as necessary.

As the loss of the nerve and removal of diseased tooth structure can result in the tooth becoming more brittle, a crown is the restoration of choice in the majority of cases to ensure strength and longevity of the treated tooth.

Depending on the case, treatment can be completed in as little as a single visit, however in some cases multiple sessions may be necessary.

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